Monday, August 1, 2016

Back to basics

Have you ever encountered a broken gadget? Let's say your cellphone or laptop, if it hangs or does not work as expected, what do you do? In my experience, I try to close all applications and then restart. If this still does not work, reformat.

Well, it's similar to trading, I had too many inputs on my mind, did not have any rules, too much information, trying to execute everything and poof! Money lost.

Now what do you do after reformatting a computer? Install new Software(s), this time, you only install what you need to work. Greenfield as we call it.

As for me, I read several books, all of it are useful, however, they have basic techniques for all system and no advanced details for any specific. If you want to succeed, you need to focus on 1, and master it. And now, what will I do? I registered in a Fibonacci and Clouds training this coming August 20 hoping to learn as much as I can from Ichi Moku. This will be my focus now, I have read several books regarding this and know how to read the charts, but what I do not know is where to enter, and exit. This is what always kills my trade, too early entry, too early exit.

Even though I have failed, I will not quit. I am already halfway by being here. The goal is still far away, but you are closer now than you were yesterday.

Now I started trading again. Let's see what will happen. I will share also some food for thoughts I have bumped into the past week.

Another lesson I have learned is that there are no shortcuts. The people who are earning in stock market took years of experience and painful losses to master their crafts. And to learn it all without getting hit is impossible. 

Lets see if this trades are good trades. 

Happy investing!

PS: Bookaka provides free sentiments for starters.

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